I ran across this informative infographic on PR Daily detailing how to engage journalists through social media (as a common citizen or as a working public relations official).

What’s instantly capturing about this image is how it’s very clearly not meant for journalists. In this case, they are the audience the writer is trying to reach. Everything else we’ve done in this ethics class was viewed through the eyes of a journalist. Now it’s time to switch chairs.

The graphics provides details about which sites are best for research, which are good for PR interaction, and which are the most popular overall. Unsurprisingly, journalists were least willing to accept PR pitches through Facebook.

To my inexperienced eyes, it seems journalists and PR workers must be cautious allies. They both need each other; journalists need information, and a company needs product/service coverage in the media. But there’s a need to avoid any appearance of impropriety, and chatting over Facebook (which, in my mind, is far more personal than Twitter) is more suspect that tweeting bits of info to each other in public view. Conduct business in the open, and nobody will have a good reason to discredit your articles.