On September 13, 2010, Mashable reporter Vadim Lavrusik posted an article about The Future of Social Media in Journalism. This is the first article I’ve read on the topic that doesn’t pretend like the reader emerged from a time machine that just left the 1700s. The introduction is simple enough, but he soon gets into deeper points that deserve attention.

The section on collaborative reporting touches on the fact that on-scene citizens, not necessarily journalists, can start to cover the story before the figurative (or literal) news van arrives. In this sort of news delivery setup, a journalist needs to learn how to utilize the community community as information gatherers, going to the sources who saw “it” first and captured pictures or videos on an iPhone or similar device.

As long as phones get cheaper and more advanced, people are always going to get the scoop on live events before journalists. After all, journalists aren’t everywhere at once, but people are.